April 20, 2023

Promotion tips from European cities (2023)

Character is prosperity

This April, the new “Best Cities: Europe” report fromResonance was released. It is dedicated to the key factors of the city policy encouragingtheir growth through increasing the attractivness for living, tourism andinvestment activites.

Our experts analysed thesituation with the “Promotion performance” of cities - the most important toolthat multiplies all efforts of the city (development of transport, culture,education, medicine, hosting global events, etc.).

The city’s Promotion performance isbased on the number of stories, references and recommendations shared onlineabout the city – via Tripadvisor, Google, Instagram and Facebook (Meta).

In the spotlight is phenomenalgrowth of Istanbul (4th place), the city was able to position itself as a worldhub between east and west. The city is catching up with the Europen leaders -London (1st), Paris (2nd), Rome (3rd). Also because of the picturesque sightsand tourism-popularity in the «instagram-ranking», thecity takes the 3rd place.

Relatively small Dublin took the 12th place. Due toa profound investment policy and attraction of the headquarters of the largesthigh-tech companies, the city is the global news generator. It also has thelargest audience of the IT-specialistsand bloggers.

Sport life also helps to promotion the city. Manchester United and Real Madridmake a significant contribution to their cities of origen. As a result,Manchester takes 3rd place in Google trends (news generation), Madrid - 4thplace, only slightly behind London and Paris.

Probably success in promotion is also related to price / quality ratio oflife, services, goods, key factor to attrackt youngpeople who admire to share their expirince. From this point of view, thesuccess of Prague (14) and Budapest (18) is inevitable, this cities even overtake the historical centers of worldtourism - Florence (20) and Venice (26).

In our opinion, the promotion of the city is the most important part ofmodern urban policy, so the cities are to take into account all the avilabletools and opportunities.

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