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Center for City Development Policy (CDP Center) is the international team of experts, specializing in the development of cities and regions.

We believe that sustainable development of cities and their cooperation is pivotal to achieve such goals as improving the comfort and the quality of peoples life, harmonious development of the society and the economy. We consider that every city type is important- megapolises, agglomerations and authentic small towns.

The main topics of our interest are those in which  cities can be active and can promote sustainable development, improve the level and quality of life of their  residents:
- support and stimulate the investments in economy,  education and science;
- support local enterprises and promote mutually beneficial conditions for transnational  corporations;
- integration of big data and artificial intelligence in city  management;
- support projects  aimed on improving the quality of life;
- sharing best practices of residents and  enterprises social initiatives;
- spreading new technological solutions and new  forms of cooperation in R&D, innovation support.

We support  and host science and public events, because  we consider that the dialogue between all stakeholders is essential. Our team  actively participates and initiates edge scientific projects, due the new  topics and phenomena are constantly emerging. We also consider that it is  necessary to support educational projects aimed at urban development for city  leaders, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.

We hope that our work will contribute  to a better future and sustainable development!
Stasia Alekhnovich, Chief Research Director (Investments & Development)

'Investments and continuous development are the main success factor for any country, city or company.'
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Leo Anuchin, Chief Research Director (AI & Big Data & Statistics)

'Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies allow us to see new trends and improve our forecasts.'
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