July 3, 2023

Over-populated and traffic-jammed Cairo is replaced with a newly build city-oasis

More facts and some astonishing pictures of New Administration Capital in new CDP material.

More than 22 million people already live in the Cairo agglomeration, and the population of the city is constantly growing - the UN predicts that in 2030 it will reach 25.5 million people. Even the city authorities agree that the city is overpopulated, the infrastructure of the ancient city reached it limits, there are constant traffic jams in the city.

In 2015, the Egyptian government announced the construction of a new city, the "New Administrative Capital" (NAC). While the city has not yet chosen a name, it is already known that 6.5 million people will live in it, more than 1.7 million new jobs will be created.

New Administrative Capital, ACUD

The city is developing very fast, some city districts are already complete and there are really many ambition projects in the city plans. Up to 2030 the city is expected to provide excellent quality of life and many work and doing business opportunities.

City concept art, ACUD

The Government Quarter is partially completed - and 14 ministries and their employees have already moved to the new city.

Administrative district

The rising star of the government quarter is the Octagon (the new headquarters of the Egyptian Ministry of Defense). New headquarters are expected to be the largest in the world, surpassing the US Pentagon in size.

Green River Park (or Capital Park) will become the heart of the city. It will span over 35 kilometers river-like landscape, and cover a total area of 2,509 hectares. making it six times the size of Central Park in New York City.

Green River Park (architecture plan by ORCHID)

The NAC already became religious center of Egypt with Egypt Grand Mosque (2022) - one of the largest mosques in Africa, covering an area of 250,000 square meters with a capacity of 107.000 worshippers, and Coptic the Nativity of Christ Cathedral (2019) - also considered the largest Oriental orthodox church in the world by area.

Egypt Great Mosque, Shafaqna

The city's records include the tallest building in Africa and one of the largest buildings in the world - The Iconic Tower, supertall skyscrapers. With a total structural height of 393.8 metres (1,292 ft), 77 floors, mostly in office use. The total area of the tower exceeds 241,000 m2. The building will launch in 2024.

The Iconic Tower and business district

By 2030, Egypt plans to build an even more majestic Oblisco Capitale, over 1000 meters high and 165 floors, including residences, hotel apartments and units. The proposal also includes several hotels, shopping malls, cinemas, housing, recreational centers, commercial centers, and medical centers.

The style of newly build tower will be inspired from both the Pharaonic and Art Deco.

Obelisco Capitale, concept art.

The government plans to make new capital a traffic center of the country. The capital is already connected to Cairo via Cairo Light Rail Transit (LRT). In the nearest future there will be launched a newly build monorail line connecting NAC with Giza.

In 2023, the government plans to launch high-speed train line connecting NAC with Alexandria and El Alamein, in a few years the line will be prolonged to Aswan. The expected speed of trains will reach 230 km/h. With total 2 000 km length it is expected that if will be the sixth largest high-speed rail system in the world.

The city has already launched Capital International Airport (Egypt), designed for both cargo and passenger traffic.

The new capital is developed with the strategic vision for a smart city integrating its smart infrastructure to provide many services to citizens, based on 6 main principals:

• Smart Traffic - Well designed streets with smart monitoring of traffic congestions and accidents.

• Smart Utilities - Management and operation of electricity, gas and water to reduce consumption and cost.

• Safe City - Covering all parts of the city with CCTV cameras and control sensors integrated to the city control center.

• Smart Buildings - Buildings automatically identify the most effective ways to save resources and provide healthy environment

• Smart Energy Management - Focusing on renewable energy for a green environment, while using IoT to save power consumption.

• Connected city - Building optical fiber infrastructure connecting every building using FTTX technology.

In our next publications we will continue to tell you about new cities - how they appear, how they are built, what they do to become comfortable for life and work.

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