April 17, 2023

Investment policy: European cities and regions of the future 2023 (I)

Leaders in change: how do the cities influence the investment potential.

fDi-Intellegence analysed thecurrent situation with foreign investments in Europe. The EU, the UK and othercountries of the European continent cover (41.2%) of the world's foreigninvestment. European share is nearly twice as large as its closest competitor,Asia-Pacific, which attracted 22.1% of announced projects.

The key trend of recent years isthat more than 1/3 of investments in Europe are investments in renewable energy- more than 130 billion USD.

Based on the results of theanalysis of 96 indicators, London remains the undisputed leader among thelargest cities in Europe.

It is followed by Amsterdam (2),Dublin (3) and Paris (4). The picture is almost the same as in 2018, onlyAmsterdam grew from 4th to 2nd place, thanks to Netherlands competent tax andinvestment policy. Dublin also keepsa very high position due to a profound smart tax policy and support forhigh-tech investments.

Very strong changes happened in «Сapital and lifestyle» pillar of indicators, highlighting theeducational and welfare potential of residents of the investment centre. Duringthe last 5 years, Oslo triumphantly and steadily rose from the 9th place to the2nd place in the European standings. The World Economic Forum in its The GlobalHuman Capital Reports regularly noted that Norway creates the world's bestopportunities for the development of human capital, excellent opportunities foreducation for all ages, for the availability of skilled employees. Bucharest(5) and Central European Prague (6) also rank high on this pillar, showing thathigh investment potential can be created even without being a global leader.

London (1) and Amsterdam (2) areleading in the Connectivity ranking, which evaluates the global and regionalconnectivity of cities (incl. airports, ports, roads and etc.). Madrid (3rd place)and Milan (4th place) had the biggest breakthrough, overtaking Stockholm (6th),Copenhagen (7th) and even dropping Helsinki out of top-10. The last 3 citieslost their places after pandemic and airlines issues.

In the following posts, we willtalk about other indicators that are significant for investment and recipes forthe success of global cities.

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